Edith Margaret Hackwood (Miss)

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Second Subaltern Edith Margaret Hackwood
Life dates
20 Aug 1917 - 02 Jan 2009

The daughter of John and Edith Hackwood (Sn) she was the sister of Muriel Hackwood.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Pitt Manor Instation Operator 1942 1942
Edinburgh Golf Course Instation Operator Unknown Unknown
Salisbury Instation Operator 1943 1943
Halstead Instation Operator 1943 1943
Hannington Hall, Wiltshire ATS Staff 1943 20 Jul 1944
National ID
EEKG 8/4
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
27 Jun 1942

Private secretary


Her recruitment interview with Beatrice Temple was on 24 Jan 1942 at Aldershot, where she was serving in the ranks of ATS.
Beatrice Temple visited her at the following locations;
Winchester 23 Sep 1942
Salisbury 13 Apr 1943
Halstead 24 Aug 1943
Stan Judson recalled her being at Edinburgh at the same time as he was.
Later she was a Stores Officer at Coleshill. Stan Judson recalled she had so little to do that she painted the doors and shutters in the Royal Signals quarters.

Keeps, Newbury Road, Kingsclere, Hampshire
Other information

Sister of Muriel Hackwood, also a Special Duties Wireless Operator


Beatrice Temple Diary,

London Gazette

Stan Judson letter 11 Feb 1995